Barclays Wealth

Barclays wanted to connect with their high net worth customers in a way that recognised and empathised with the relationship they had with their wealth. And so a new brand was constructed that took the most relevant services: Financial Planning, International & Private Banking, Investment Services and Brokerage, and represented them to address the customers areas of concern. These areas included: Using and Enjoying, Growing, Protecting and Passing on their wealth. Barclays Wealth was also keen to distance itself from the more widely held belief about Banks as a ‘pusher’ and purveyor of product. And so sought to position themselves as ‘wealth guides’. They wanted to know what customers wanted before solutions would be suggested. And so they asked them. Bold distinctive full page National Press Ads used to establish the brand all asked the same question ‘Wealth. What’s it to you?’ And the black and white photographic theme of the campaign, a la Henri Cartier-Bresson, helped to reinforce the captured moment of real life.